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A Clockwork Orange


Jeff Nelson

This is a disturbing and very odd film.

A Clockwork Orange
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A lot happened in the 1970's with the film industry. This is the time when a lot of controversial films were released. While they didn't agree with society, they definitely left their mark. Even to this day, many of these movies are well-known and have cult fan base followings. A Clockwork Orange tackles a difficult subject and brings it to audiences worldwide without any sugarcoating.

Delinquent Alex DeLarge is put in jail and volunteers for an experimental therapy developed by the government in an attempt to solve society's crime problem. While this is the premise of the film, there is quite a bit of build up before the imprisonment begins. This time is filled with the group of uncontrollables committing crimes from break ins to beating up innocent people and raping. There are original story elements that are rather innocent to watch, such as the experiments performed on Alex. This scene is an iconic piece of cinema that has been referenced time and time again. The dialogue is decent and aids in keeping the disturbing mood of the film.

How often do these films have good acting? Well, I think that A Clockwork Orange is an exception from this rule. Malcolm McDowell fits fantastically into the role of Alex. He gives an over the top performance that isn't to be forgotten. While the whole cast does a fine job, McDowell gives the biggest stand out performance out of the bunch. For those who have criticized his most recent roles should take a look at A Clockwork Orange. It shows the genuine range of his acting skills. In fact, the acting abilities given in this film add to the shocking nature of the atmosphere.

There aren't any crazy gags used in the movie. During the more controversial scenes, such as the rape, Stanley Kubrick doesn't sugarcoat anything. He shows the actions the way they are without censoring. A filmmaker has to be rather brave to put something such as this into his movie. Some people couldn't look past the sexual violence to the deeper message beyond all of that. There are segments where the movie manages to be disturbing without even being violent. This is due to the atmosphere.

This is a disturbing and very odd film. This definitely isn't something you see everyday in the film industry. For those who are easily offended, it's an easy choice to skip this altogether. However, if you can withstand the scenes of violence and rape it's worth checking out. The plot is engaging and will keep your attention from the opening frame to the final credits. Be cautious before watching this as it certainly isn't for everyone. It's a film for a very specific audience.

My Rating = Four Stars

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