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A Bug's Life


Jeff Nelson

Whether you are a kid, teenager, or adult, you're guaranteed to have a fantastic time with this film.

A Bug's Life
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Many film studios seem to forget what family movies are meant to do. They're supposed to be entertainment for the entire family, not exclusively for children. Pixar has received the status of releasing films that are for adults, children, and teenagers of all ages. Kids will enjoy these movies, but the adult humor will pass right by them as the teenagers and adults relish the more mature jokes. This method of creating animated films seems to only be performed by a couple studios. This is unfortunate for the teenagers and adults who are fond of these presentations. However, it's not about quantity. It's all about quality

On behalf of "oppressed bugs everywhere", an ant named Flik hires a group of warrior bugs to help defend his colony from a horde of grasshoppers led by the evil-minded Hopper. Flik soon finds out that his resilient "warriors" are actually circus performers who have no clue when it comes to fighting. The screenwriters generated a very interesting concept. While the plot itself has been told time and time again, giving the perspective from bugs was a smart idea. The dialogue is well-written. Everything from the jokes to the heartfelt moments are exactly what one would expect from a Pixar feature. There is humor here to be appreciated by each and every member of the family. A majority of family movies generally get too mushy, which can be a real turn-off. A Bug's Life has a couple emotional scenes, but they don't take away from the film. The circus bugs and the ants are all entertaining since each character brings something different to the table with a variety of different comical aspects. The writers of each Pixar movie take their time with each project, which heavily improves the final product.

There should be no surprise that each of these actors can voice act very well. Dave Foley does an electrifying job with voicing Flik. Not only does Foley's voice fit the character to perfection, but his delivery of dialogue is right on. Other actors such as Julia Louis-Dreyfus perform very well and match their characters. Hayden Panettiere has become a bit bigger of a name in the film industry, but she's quite young here. She plays Dot, a young ant next in line to become the princess. The sole complaint that some viewers have with the cast is Kevin Spacey's role. He voices Hopper, the leader of the grasshoppers. Their concern is that Spacey doesn't fit the threatening nature of Hopper. While I see where they're coming from, Spacey clearly does some decent voice work. When overlooking the cast and crew, they give quality performances.

Each year, more animated films come out. With each one released, audiences can't help but ask themselves how much better it can look. Pixar somehow improves the animation and the quality with each movie created, when it appeared to be flawless before. A Bug's Life may be an earlier Pixar release, but still looks absolutely stunning. The detail seen in each character and object is magnificent. Those with surround sound systems will be just as impressed with the audio as with the animation. The sound mixing is guaranteed to make its audience feel in the middle of the action taking place on screen. The quality of both the video and audio are sure to impress all audiences.

Well, Pixar did it once again! No other movie studio can create animated films like Pixar. Those who have been searching for a great family film have found it. There are very few issues to be found with this feature. The ultimate message has been done many times before, but the execution makes it feel fresh. I have seen A Bug's Life quite a few times since its theatrical release and it remains to be great. Whether you are a kid, teenager, or adult, you're guaranteed to have a fantastic time with this film. A Bug's Life comes highly recommended to viewers of all ages.

My Rating = Four and One Half Stars

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