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88 Minutes


Jeff Nelson

Every minute of 88 Minutes is a utter waste of time.

88 Minutes
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When a film comes out with an interesting plot and a decent trailer, hype begins to spread. Hype can be a good sign and a bad sign. This may set up some false hopes and ruins the film experience. Some films don't deserve the hype in the first place.

Dr. Jack Gramm is a college professor who's a forensic psychiatrist for the FBI. Gramm gets a death threat saying he only has 88 minutes to live and must use his skills to track him down. Now he must find the person who's out to kill him before time runs out. The plot sounds thrilling and as if it could be good entertainment. These suggestions are downright incorrect. The pacing is terrible and the dialogue gets worse throughout the film. The film starts out fascinating but soon loses the viewer's interest.

One of the main reasons this film pulled in moviegoers was the fact that Al Pacino is to play Dr. Jack Gramm. Unfortunately, the once brilliant actor has fallen into mediocre and disgustingly awful films within the past few years. This film is no exception. His acting is flat and I know he could've done much better. Pacino fails to deliver any of his lines correctly and leaves the audience wanting him to just be picked off so it would be over. Sadly, Al Pacino is a large disappointment.

The style the film is framed is very important. 88 Minutes falls flat on its face when trying to be unique. This is shot just like any direct-to-cable movie. There's no creativity or interesting shots and leaves the viewer desiring more from the visual department of the film.

For those who want to rent this crap, I implore you to reconsider. There's nothing fun or engrossing used in this film. The ending is incredibly saddening and predictable. I expected much more from Al Pacino's film choices. Every minute of 88 Minutes is a utter waste of time.

My Rating = One Half Star

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