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7 Days


Jeff Nelson

...a movie worth seeing if it's your taste

7 Days
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Guilt, revenge, murder and torture are very modern themes of filmmaking within the past decade. Each film gives these themes a different perspective, but they're common. Showing at the Sundance Film Festival 2010, is a story of all these themes put together.

A doctor seeks revenge by kidnapping and torturing the man who murdered and raped his young daughter. The concept isn't new and quite frankly doesn't sound interesting. However, 7 Days gives the themes mentioned earlier a more emotional and deep point of view. The dialogue is well written and carries the story well, and it should, since this movie is mostly dialogue.

All of the actors seen on screen give strong performances. This is one of the most shocking things about the film, every actor did a terrific job. Each person made his or her character seem realistic and even relate to its audience on a certain level.

The sets and the film itself are dark and gloomy. Barely any color graces the film throughout, since they're very toned down. The locations are picked well and give the true emotion of the film. However, some audiences may find the style boring, since it has an art feel to it.

This French thriller with english subtitles isn't a bad movie, but isn't a good movie either. It has it's moments that shine bright with some engrossing metaphors, which are compared well. There aren't many torture scenes through the movie, but the ones that exist, are brutal. 7 Days is a movie worth seeing if it's your taste, but certainly won't be the best movie at Sundance 2010.

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My Rating = Three Stars

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