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6 Films to Keep You Awake: A Real Friend (Adivina Qui%C3%A9n Soy)


Jeff Nelson

...this film isn't a masterpiece, but it's a good stand alone flick.

6 Films to Keep You Awake: A Real Friend (Adivina Quién Soy)
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The whole idea of the 6 Films to Keep You Awake heavily remind me of 8 Films to Die For. However, what sets it apart is the big difference between style in Spain and the United States. It's quite obvious which one is the stronger film set.

The young outcast Estralla has horror movie icons such as Leatherface, Nosferatu, and Lon Cheney's monster as magical playmates. One day while waiting for the bus, she comes upon a new friend, the Vampire. This time, her new friend seems more real than the others. Some readers may be staring at their screen thinking, "What the hell am I reading about?" but at least it's something new. Either I'm completely missing something or this has never been done with horror icons before. The screenplay is certainly just as out there as the concept is. As the film continues, it only gets more strange. It's completely surreal and makes the viewer question whether what Estrella seeing is real or all in our lead's imagination. Most audiences will absolutely hate the ending and rip on the entire movie for the final 3 minutes. The last few minutes aren't very good, but the whole movie shouldn't be torn apart due to such a short amount of the running time.

Luckily, the cast is able to handle the entire bizarre script with ease. Goya Toledo performs as Estrella's mother and is essential to the script. She does a great job and when her character is in danger, she expresses natural fear without a problem. Nerea Inchausti is Estrella and doesn't do as well as Toledo, but a fine job nonetheless. She fits the role and is decent in the character. All of the actors do a good job and none of them will pull you out of the atmosphere.

Since this film brings some legendary horror icons onto the screen, the make-up artists had to work extremely hard and carefully to get the actors to look as close as possible to the original films. Leatherface definitely could have used quite a bit more work to perfect the mask. Nosferatu actually looks decent. A good chunk of the film even feels much like a dream or perhaps deep inside Estrella's mind. As the audience, we see what Estrella sees while viewing other character's reactions to the situation. This style works well and shows what may or may not be Estrella's imagination very well.

The problem with a lot of US horror films is that many of them are the same or stolen ideas. A Real Friend (Advinia Quién Soy) is completely original and different from anything anybody is used to seeing. It's not the best of the 6 Films to Keep You Awake and this film isn't a masterpiece, but it's a good stand-alone flick. A Real Friend (Advinia Quién Soy) is an interesting movie that's worth seeing even though the final 3 minutes or so are rotten.

My Rating = Three Stars

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