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6 Films to Keep You Awake: Blame (La Culpa)


Jeff Nelson

Blame (La Culpa) is a decent movie that presents great suspense with being a nearly bloodless film.

6 Films to Keep You Awake: Blame (La Culpa)
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It has been proven time and time again that slow burn horror/thrillers are what truly stick with viewers after the film ends. These movies take their time to build to get inside your head and mess with you several times until the big conclusion. The 6 Films to Keep You Awake all take that route instead of shock value.

A nurse who's strapped for cash moves in with a doctor friend, only to discover that the doctor's run-from-home medical clinic isn't what she suspected. Just like the synopsis, the film keeps the audience in the dark about what's truly going on and requires the viewer to think hard to figure it out. Unlike American horror cinema, these movies call for people to pay close attention and think hard about what's going on. Nothing is spoon-fed to people during this movie. The pacing may be a tad slow for some which will lose a lot of people's interest in this. There are quite a few cliché moments where the film tries too hard to be creepy.

The two main characters are performed by Nieve de Medina and Montse Mostaza. Both of them give strong performance. The two share quite a few scenes that are very genuine and it feels real. It's not easy to classify one actress over the other as they're about equal in this film.

Director Narciso Ibáñez Serrador and his crew create an atmosphere that fits the film perfectly. Even the house itself is exceedingly eerie. Even the moments where some extremely critical is occurring in the story, not a lot is shown. A lot is left for the viewer to imagine and gives plenty of room for the viewer's imagination. It creates a much larger effect rather than showing everything, which would leave the viewer with almost nothing to think about.

This is definitely not one of the best of the 6 Films to Die For collection, but isn't the worst. It's a rather short film, but still takes its sweet time building its characters and gives the audience a while to get to know the leads. Blame (La Culpa) is a decent movie that presents great suspense with being a nearly bloodless film.

My Rating = Three Stars

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