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The Fifth Element


Jeff Nelson

The Fifth Element is an exceptionally fun movie that deserves a viewing by audiences everywhere.

The Fifth Element
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The science fiction genre thrived over the past decades, although there haven't been many show-stoppers. While there are still films being released in the genre, most of them only have a few components seen in the category. There are classics that have originated in the genre and are referenced frequently. Alike to any other class of film, there are two extremes. The fantastic movies are present, but a lot of trite motion pictures exist. There are any situations where the genre is undeniably underrated.

New York City in the 23rd century is flooded with flying taxis and street gangs. One man is the universe's last hope for survival as he helps the embodiment of love and life battle the darkness unleashed by the crazed Zorg. The story line displays the fight between good and evil. Despite the plot not being the most original, it's highly entertaining. Quite a bit of comedy is mixed in with the science fiction and action, which was smoothly executed. The jokes work as I find myself laughing at them even after multiple viewings. All of the exciting action scenes are enjoyable. Some of the lines of dialogue in this script may be a bit ridiculous at times, but it can still be quite humorous.There are a lot of mixed opinions on the character Ruby Rhod. I can understand how some say he can get relatively irritating at times, but his character delivers some laughs. The screenplay can get a bit silly at times, but it's all part of the nature of the film.

With a fun script, a group of actors who won't take the roles too seriously are required. The cast in The Fifth Element fit their characters very well. Bruce Willis goes on his mission to save the universe as Korben Dallas. He's appropriate for the role. Gary Oldman is great as the evil Zorg. It's always a pleasure to watch Oldman on the big screen as he consistently dominates each scene he appears in. Milla Jovovich is beautiful as Leeloo, the fifth element. While she was nominated for a Razzie, she physically fits Leeloo to perfection. Chris Tucker appears to be the least favorite to many fans of the movie as Ruby Rhod. However, most audiences are simply annoyed with his character more than with his performance. The personality of his character isn't the most mellow and can definitely get tiresome. The performances aren't award-worthy, but these actors clearly had a blast while shooting. This is an important component to the overall light tone of the movie.

Whether or not you find The Fifth Element to be a sci-fi classic, it cannot be denied that the visuals are phenomenal. The team working on this film transformed New York City into the future flawlessly. Each action sequence put on screen looks just as incredible as the last. These thrilling scenes are exceedingly engrossing. The audio is even more impressive than the visuals. The Fifth Element will turn home theater systems into a full living, breathing environment. Viewers will be placed into the film with wonderful speaker separation. The visuals and audio mixing make this movie even more delightful.

Those who closely analyze the film are sure to find issues. Having said that, this is meant to simply be a fun science fiction movie. Audiences split down the middle with some saying that this is a classic while others say it's garbage. This is a motion picture that I have seen countless times. Even with the numerous viewings, it remains to be an incredibly amusing film. The Fifth Element is an exceptionally fun movie that deserves a viewing by audiences everywhere.

My Rating = Four and One Half Stars

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