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Jeff Nelson

Fast & Furious isn't on par with the original, but is surely the best since.

Fast & Furious
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Once The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift was released, some enjoyed the new 'plot'. However, some felt that it was all rather random until the final act of the film where it finally relates back to the first film. With there being both positive and negative feedback, the filmmakers have decided to return back to the original story. The movie's result shouldn't shock anyone, another attempt at the most over-the-top car races and action sequences.

Fugitive ex-con Dom Toretto must team up with Agent Brian O'Conner and take on a common enemy. This is the most that can be said as far as the story line goes. There isn't too much of a plot occurring here. The screenplay is just as expected. Every twist and turn that happens is easily predicted. The dialogue is just as ridiculous as ever. However, the characters from the original are back. Needless to say that Fast & Furious ends with the opportunity for yet another sequel. The pacing is extremely quick and will keep even the biggest action junkies fully entertained.

Fans of the original should be pleased with Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, and Michelle Rodriguez all returning to the series. When I think about The Fast and the Furious series, I don't imagine any other cast than them. While the acting still isn't great, I feel that it's a big improvement especially over 2 Fast 2 Furious and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Since most of the film is filled with intense car races, there aren't many opportunities to show off acting chops. The movie continues to stay true to the series and offer plenty of eye candy for both genders. Who goes to see these flicks for the acting anyways? Completely not the point of the franchise.

Each entry added to the series looks and sounds better than the last. Fast & Furious is even more insane with the visuals. This is the entire purpose of the franchise. Watching attractive people drive very nice cars with plenty of explosions. This absolutely won't disappoint. I don't see how much more crazy the next sequel can get, but we'll just have to wait and see.

The entire franchise has a large amount of people who love it and a lot of people who absolutely hate it. There are few people who believe that it's just in the middle. While I do in fact enjoy the movies, I'll admit they're not of high quality. They're fun movies. I don't go to this expecting it to be nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. They're guilty pleasures for people who enjoy the insane car action happening on the screen. Fast & Furious isn't on par with the original, but is surely the best since. Fans of the previous films will most likely enjoy this, but there isn't anything here for those who hated the past entries.

My Rating = Three Stars

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