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Four Brothers


Jeff Nelson

Four Brothers isn't a very memorable addition to the revenge sub-genre, but it's fine for a movie night at home when there isn't a prioritized film to rent.

Four Brothers
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Each sub-genre has its own clichés respectively. The revenge flicks aren't exceptions. It's a rather difficult task to discover a revenge film that ultimately feels fresh. I personally enjoy the sub-genre, but the trailers can often be misleading. It's extremely frustrating to see the best sequences of the entire movie within the trailers. They are created in order to give audiences an idea of how the film will be. Putting the best moments of the motion picture within a three minute trailer is unfortunate. Which end of the spectrum does Four Brothers fall?

Four tight-knit brothers look nothing alike, but know the true meaning of family. As they return home for their adoptive mother's funeral, the grieving siblings learn she was murdered. Resolving revenge, they band together to make sure the killer pays. The first reaction I received to the plot was that it could potentially be engaging, gripping, and could pack a punch. Perhaps I set my expectations a bit too high. The screenplay is generic and never was truly able to pull me in. The chemistry between the characters comes across as a bit forced. However, Four Brothers has its moments. Once the action sequences kick into full throttle, the film becomes rather satisfying. The shoot-out at the house of the four brothers is sure to be a favorite for most viewers. Four Brothers is best seen with the brain switched off. Even though the script isn't awful, it could have been much better. Those who are looking for a psychologically thrilling revenge flick may want to look elsewhere, but those searching for mindless entertainment will be pleased.

Despite the mediocre screenplay, Four Brothers has a good cast. Mark Wahlberg performs as Bobby Mercer. Don't expect to see a performance similar to The Fighter, but he fits the role well. Tyrese Gibson gives a below average representation as he doesn't quite pull the character off. André Benjamin is suitable for the role of Jeremiah Mercer. Garrett Hedlund was a newer actor in Hollywood at the time, but he does well considering how early it was in his career. None of the acting is groundbreaking, but this is a decent group of actors.

Even though most of Four Brothers is dialogue driven, there are action scenes. The shoot-out at the Mercer house is engaging and grasps a hold of the audience's attention. The camera work is good during these portions of the film as well. The audio mixing is average. While the dialogue is easy to hear and never muffled, the sound effects come through the front channels lacking power. The soundstage constantly sounds thin. I was hoping for a more immersive track during the action sequences.

The film Four Brothers certainly has its share of issues, although I had a good time watching it. It isn't as exciting as some of the other revenge films on the market, but this crime flick is worth a viewing. While some viewers will find it to be a guilty pleasure, others will be completely turned off by it. Four Brothers isn't a very memorable addition to the revenge sub-genre, but it's fine for a movie night at home when there isn't a prioritized film to rent.

My Rating = Three Stars

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