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30 Days of Night


Jeff Nelson

This vampire movie breaks out of the mold.

30 Days of Night
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For many years, vampire films have been very popular. Some are for the tweens, like Twilight, and then there's the vampire film for more mature audiences.

In a small Alaskan town, a month long period of darkness sets. A flock of bloodthirsty vampires go to this city to take advantage of the no-sun and isolated town to feast. The concept is interesting and is a terrifying idea; the thought to be isolated in complete darkness for thirty days with something that's trying to kill you. The writing is significantly better than most vampire films. The characters are written for the audience to care about them.

Every vampire character cliché you have seen, wipe it from your head. This film has none of those annoying clichéd characters that bless a lot of films have these days. Each character has a unique take on the situation and a different way to handle it. Josh Hartnett and Melissa George put on fantastic performances. They play realistic characters, in which they make the audience care about both.

Since this film is called 30 Days of Night, it's a very dark film. Almost the entire film is fairly dark. The crew gave the film enough light to see what's going on. The camera angles are up close on the characters most of the time. This causes tension for the audience, not being able to see what's behind or in front of them. The make-up for the vampires is fantastic.

I'm usually annoyed with vampire flicks. Each one that's released seems the same, but this film breaks out of the mold. The pacing is excellent and never slows down. This movie takes what could be incredibly violent scenes and gives them meaning. I really enjoy the fact that the vampires don't sparkle in sunlight and that they are hideous. Vampires shouldn't sparkle or be attractive. They're supposed to be ugly and dangerous. This is one of the most creative vampire flicks I have seen. If you aren't one of the tweens caught up in the ridiculous Twilight phase, then 30 Days of Night is highly recommended as a rental.

My Rating = Four  Stars

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