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Jeff Nelson

300 is recommended to any guy who wants to pump testosterone

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There are tons of movies for girls, known as chick flicks. Most of these films get the reaction of girls crying. Then there are dick flicks and reactions are to cheer, laugh, and some even clap! 300 is one of the better of these.

It retells the Battle of Thermopylae, when King Leonidas brought 300 Spartans to fight to the death to kill Xerxes and destroy his Persian army. The plot isn't anything special, it's just another war film. 300 isn't just about story, but retells the battle with high accuracy.

Gerard Butler is a terrific actor. He shows his true talents throughout the running time of the film. Gerard acts as King Leonidas and plays him to perfection. Many of the other soldiers are multiplied with CGI to make the army, so in reality, not many actors are used in this film.

Out of all the films in the past decade, the visuals in 300 are some of the best. Each second of the film is a work of art. The colors are perfect and the slow motion adds a lot to the film. It gives the movie a stylish piece of art that will never get old.

This film is near perfection, but the biggest fault is unnecessary scenes. This movie gets repetitive with scenes and dialogue. Otherwise, this is one of the better dick flicks available. 300 is recommended for any guy who wants to pump testosterone.

My Rating = Four Stars

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