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28 Weeks Later


Jeff Nelson

28 Weeks Later follows a new set of characters than 28 Days Later but the story continues...

28 Weeks Later
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When a sequel is released, people expect it to carry on the story of the characters introduced in the first film. In 28 Weeks Later, it follows a new set of characters, with a new filming style, a new atmosphere and an entirely different film.

Six months later, a group of Americans set foot on the isles of infected lands and are convinced that the danger has come and gone. However, it becomes all too clear that the virus continues to live, waiting to pounce on its next victims. This is the general story, but there is more than one plot dwelling throughout the film. The other has to do with the two main characters, who have a completely different agendas than just staying in the contained area and away from their previous house to gather stuff they left behind during the infection. There are moments in the story that aren't possible, such as a teenager and a child passing through extremely high security with ease to the other part of London. The dialogue is suitable, but there's nothing mind-blowing.

There's a much bigger main cast than in 28 Days Later. However, a newly Oscar nominated actor performs in this film. Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker) is one of the snipers who decides to help some of the children and citizens out of London before they become infected. He dominates his role and easily puts the other actors to shame.

The first film had a very specific and different filming style. Since 28 Weeks Later has a different director, it has a different feel and atmosphere. It uses a shaky cam that may turn some viewers off. This sequel is shot on film, unlike the first one. The environments are much bigger, allowing for more people to become infected and charge at the main cast. The budget is much larger, as well. However, it does lack some of the beautiful filming that the first film had to offer.

Not many people agree on one side about this film. Many believe that the first is much better for being so original and new, while others say the original is boring and slow. Those who say it's slow much prefer 28 Weeks Later due to it's fast pacing. Both films are excellent in their own right. 28 Days Later is a more passionate film with a better script. 28 Weeks Later has more action and focuses a bit more on the gunshots and gore. Whichever side you choose to take, 28 Weeks Later is still very entertaining and gives audiences another point of view of the infection.

My Rating = Four Stars

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