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Jeff Nelson

2012 is nothing but another atrocious apocalyptic flick.

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The apocalyptic films usually have some reference to the Mayan calendar and the concept of the world ending in the year 2012. Since the production requires a lot of money, most filmmakers could never afford to create a movie such as this.

Jackson, and his estranged wife, Kate, and the others find out that the secret to the typhoons, earthquakes, and other disasters lies within the Mayan prophecies. The story itself is weak and the plot is paper-thin. The script is one of the weakest elements of the film. The writing comes off as tacky and even desperate.

The lead of the film, John Cusack, is a decent actor in most of his films. However, every performance, including his, are dreadful in 2012. There's no redeeming quality about any of the characters or the actors. It came off as amateurish and unprofessional. This extremely bad acting drives the film off its tracks and doesn't give the audience a reason to care about its main characters.

From the trailer alone, it's quite apparent that the visuals are amazing. When disasters graze the screen, that's the only time this movie shines. The incredible CGI looks rather real and gets some truly astonishing shots of the situations on hand.

It's disappointing to see this movie collapse on itself as it did. The running time is long and feels too lengthy for a film such as this. There are no quality components, except the special effects. Although, many of the catastrophes are short and far apart from each other, leaving horrific dialogue to carry the film to the viewers. 2012 is nothing but another atrocious apocalyptic flick.

My Rating = One Star

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