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Thir13en Ghosts


Jeff Nelson

Thir13en Ghosts takes a stab at remaking a classic...

Thir13en Ghosts
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Ghost films are rarely different from the rest of the flock. They offer the same scares, the same tired plot and identical acting. The jump scares in these films have become boring and quite irritating. Thir13en Ghosts takes a stab at remaking a classic, but still bringing something new to the table.

A family moves into a house they inherited from an uncle. However, the house has a dangerous agenda on it's own and traps the family in their new home by shifting walls. The plot isn't bad for a ghost film, but doesn't engage the audience as much as it should have. The dialogue is dreadful throughout and the comedy is hit and miss. The major points of the story are all predictable and are easily known by audiences after the first five minutes.

Out of the entire cast, none of the actors rises above and beyond. The only actor who is bearable is Matthew Lillard performing as Dennis Rafkin. The entire family that enters the house is annoying from the first frame to the credits.

The sets, visuals, and FX are easily the highlight of the film. The sets are eerie and are shown quite well. All of the ghosts are awesome and designed smoothly. The camera work is exceptional and captures everything that's in front of it perfectly.

It's hard to deny that Thir13en Ghosts is entertaining and fun. However, the film doesn't break away from other ghost films and almost feels like House on Haunted Hill at times. The acting and writing are rather poor, but the visuals and atmosphere are set up well. Thir13en Ghosts is worth a rental, but not all viewers will enjoy it as much as I did.

My Rating = Three Stars

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