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The 40-Year-Old Virgin


Jackson Newsome

...keeps you laughing...

40 Year Old Virgin
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Andy Sitzer (Steve Carell) works as an employee at a local electronics store. His fellow workers soon find out about his crush and the fact that he is still a virgin at the age of forty (hence the name…). They soon begin pestering him to convince his now girlfriend, Trish (Catherine Keener), to sleep with him. This proves to be difficult as they are in a strict no-sex relationship.

One of the best comedies I have ever viewed, The 40-Year-Old Virgin does what every comedy should, keep you laughing throughout the entire film. Most of the comedy is derived from the Andy's innocence. His buddies play a large role in the funny parts of the film as they are usually the ones that convince him to do stupid things(getting body hair waxed, etc.).

Your movie collection is truly incomplete without this wonderful comedy. If you haven't seen it yet, I suggest you see it in the near future.

My Rating = Four Stars

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