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The Village


Jackson Newsome

...my favorite film of 2004.

The Village
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The Village was probably my favorite film of 2004. If anyone happens to remember, as do I, critics weren't so pleased with the latest effort from M. Night Shyamalan. In my opinion it is his greatest work, but I am more than positive that most will disagree with me.

A rural Pennsylvanian community live in fear of strange, unseen creatures that occupy their bordering woods. Somewhere along the way, the Elders make a truce that no one shall stray from the village's safety as long as the creatures never enter. Frequent sightings of the creature within the village's perimeter begins to scare everyone into a frenzy until one brave, blind woman decides that she will make it through the dreaded forest and find help for a loved one's wound.

Names such as Joaquin Phoenix, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Sigourney Weaver appear in this movie and their acting is brilliant! Regardless of what anyone else says, this movie has a wonderful script, plot, and character development which keeps you guessing throughout the entire film. The Sixth Sense is equal in greatness to The Village and fans of the thriller, or suspense genre should check this movie out. My only complaint is the poor advertising. I was expecting horror, yet I still walked out with a smile on my face.

My Rating = Four Stars

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