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An Inconvenient Truth


Jackson Newsome

...an eye-opener...

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An Inconvenient Truth has been an eye opener for many people including myself. This Academy Award Winning documentary has finally made the world see that it needs to change. I certainly have. Using less water and only turning the light on when I really have to may not save the world, but it sure makes me feel better.

This film presents statistics on a program similar to Power Point. It isn't too fancy, but it works. Woven in between the presentation are clips of his life, which frankly, are quite boring. Most of the film is informative and has meaning though, but I do have a problem with his solution. He believes that turning down that thermostat a few degrees or using a certain type of light bulb will solve everything. After seeing his electric bill ($3000+), I think someone needs to tell him to practice what you preach.

The issues with this film aren't serious. At times it can be a bit hypocritical, and I could have done without seeing parts of his life (that no one really cares about). Now that I think about it, he should have released a separate DVDů Al Gore: the Movie. Alas,these are forgivable and there is always fast-forward.

My Rating = Two and a Half stars

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