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High Tension


Jackson Newsome

...the scariest film I've ever seen...

High Tension
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As the scariest film I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot), I had to do a review on this one before long. Most of you have likely overlooked this one, but if you can get a hold of it, I would recommend this French-slasher over any of the classics.

Two college friends decide to take a break away from the city to study for upcoming tests. Marie and Alex visit Alex's parents in the countryside. The peace is not kept long as a psychopath ties up Alex, and kills her parents. Marie manages to escape. As the movie goes along, Marie follows the killer trying to save her friend while evading death.

Two words: watch closely. The movie's infamous ending can be figured out if you put all of the pieces of the puzzle together. This movie will give you chills. If you are a fan of gore then I suggest you rent/buy the unrated version, as the "R" rated movie has some of those scenes cut out. Either one you watch will satisfy all that are viewing. My only real complaint is that they did a half job with the dubbing. It is only partially dubbed. I could have gone without the sex scene, but it wouldn't be a horror movie without it.

My Rating = Four and a Half stars

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