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Superman Returns


Jackson Newsome

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Superman Returns
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Super-hero films have really been popular the last few years. Most of the movies were actually pretty good (Spider-man, Batman Begins, etc.), but as with everything, there were some that sucked beyond belief (*cough* Fantastic Four *cough*). Superman Returns falls in between those two categories. It is definitely visually appealing, yet it left we wanting more depth in the characters and plot. I do recommend you at least rent it though, especially the fans of the original.

Returning from his leave of absence, Superman (Routh) finds that Metropolis wasn't as dependent on him as he once believed. Lois Lane (Bosworth) has moved on and somewhat resents him, but one thing has stayed the same. Lex Luther (Spacey) still wants his head and will stop at nothing to get it. Any fan of the past installments, should see the updated look of everyone's favorite super-hero.

Believe it or not, Routh actually does make a good Superman. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about Mrs. Lane. Kate Bosworth just didn't have the same charm as the original. In her defense, she does have a hard act to follow. Kevin Spacey out does everyone. Actually, he is the movie. He steals the spotlight everytime he appears and everyone else seems dull. The effects are amazing, but as is common now-a-days, they expect them to distract you from some missing plot elements, character development, and script. Everyone will enjoy this on some level. How far you let that go depends on your preferences.

My Rating = Three and One Half Stars

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