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Super Size Me


Jackson Newsome

...distorted truths make it hard to watch...

Super Size Me
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Documentaries usually bore me. So, even though this film isn't going to get a great score it doesn't mean that it is bad. If you like these types of movies then it will actually translate into a very good score. It all depends on you. Alas, this is my review. Which reminds me that my opinion is the only one that matters ( just kidding ).

Morgan Spurlock acts/directs Super Size Me which attempts to expose the deep, dark secrets of the fast food industry ( McDonald's particularly ). For a month, Spurlock eats nothing but McDonald's. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all spent with a burger and some fries. Actually, he tries everything on the menu at least once so that isn't exactly true. He also must "super-size" his order if given the option. With obesity on the rise, Super Size Me helps you decide where personal and corporate responsibility end and begin.

This film is flawed in many ways. Eating excessive amounts of anything is unhealthy. Fast food is meant to be eaten in moderation, and for some reason, Spurlock fails to mention that. Finally, he complains about his weight gain, while at the same time he has cut out every form of exercise that he needs to properly maintain a healthy weight. I would have liked to have a reason to disappoint children around the world and tell them that Ronald McDonald is a con-artist, but I can't. This film does well with interviews but the distorted truths make it hard to watch.

My Rating = Two and a Half Stars

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