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Jackson Newsome

...a masterpiece...

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Shrek (Myers), a hideous ogre, begins a quest to save Princess Fiona (Diaz) of Far, Far Away. He must climb to the tallest tower and get passed the dragon guarding the fortress with the help of Donkey (Murphy). After rescuing her, Shrek planned on taking her back to the king who had intentions of marriage. Years ago, unknown to anyone but her parents, Fiona had a curse placed on her. Only her prince charming could break it and until then, she would turn in to an ogre after sundown.

This film is a masterpiece in more than one way. It pulled off a mixture of fairytales nearly flawlessly, has beautiful CGI (that has actually been improved on in the sequels), appeals to all age groups, and includes some of the most talented voice actors in the business. Everything flows together amazingly.

If I could think of one thing to criticize it would be the fact that some of the smaller characters didn't appear as often as I would have liked. You were mainly stuck with the main trio. That isn't a bad thing, but I just wish that they could have implented this sooner than Shrek 2.

My Rating = Four Stars

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