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She's the Man


Jackson Newsome

...a bore...

She's the Man
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Amanda, Amanda, what have you done? Have you already lost your touch at such a young age? I certainly hope not, as she is one of the most charming people on film. She's the Man let's her express this to a certain extent, but the leash is cut short.

Viola (Bynes) is convinced that she can pull off a stunt that may give her a spot on her dream soccer team. "What kind of stunt?" you ask? Well, she is basically trying to be her twin brother. The shenanigan begins to go wrong when Viola falls in love with her roommate (Tatum) who is in love with someone else.

This movie was a bore. Usually, I would be thrilled to watch a film starring Amanda Bynes. Well, now that I think of it, I was…until I pressed play. You will never be fooled by her disguise or believe that this could possibly happen, but it can be entertaining at times.

One other thing that was missing from the movie was the moral. It started out with a lesson on women being just as good as men. Then, without warning, it turned into some weird love story. As usual, crappy releases have at least one character who steals the spotlight. [Drum roll]…and the award goes to….David Cross! The very "intriguing" headmaster is often funny in a very smooth way. Don't think that he is worth watching the movie though. That would be a HUGE mistake!

My Rating = One Star

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