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Shark Tale


Jackson Newsome


Shark Tale
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If any of you missed my bad scores this should help your cravings a little. Don't get me wrong. I don't give bad reviews because I just feel like it. They are actually bad movies. Unfortunately, for Dreamworks anyway, Shark Tale just happens to fit into that category of films.

In this undersea (where else would sharks be?) animated comedy, Don Lino (Robert De Niro), a mob shark, is looking to expand his "business". When Don receives news that one of his sons had been killed he becomes infuriated. Matters only become worse when arrogant Oscar (Will Smith) takes credit for the murder. Oscar is hailed hero, but trouble begins to arise between the sharks and himself.

Shark Tale tried to float on the incredible success Finding Nemo (which came out only a year earlier) earned. There is a major difference though. Pixar worked around four years to make Nemo. Sure, this film includes some BIG names in Hollywood. They are colorful enough, but why should I care. The plot is boring and I can't imagine anyone would dream of buying this. If you have kids and have rented ever child-friendly movie available then I would give you the green light for this one. Think about the children!

My Rating = One Star

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