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Scary Movie 4


Jackson Newsome

...no replay value...

Scary Movie 4
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I don't know if you've noticed or not, but I really like the movies that don't make sense (in a good way). Of course, they do have to be funny in a stupid way. Have I lost you? Anyway, if you haven't figured it out yet, Scary Movie 4 is one of those movies. It doesn't have to obey the laws of logic, yet you will laugh anyway.

The story (if that is what you'd call it) is very simple. Cindy (Faris) finds herself in trouble once again and must stop an alien invasion. This time around (after her husband's unfortunate death) she is joined by clueless Tom (Bierko). Spoofs of The Village, Superman Returns, Saw, War of the Worlds, and The Grudge are all present. Even Dr. Phil drops in to say hello during the intro. Just because he is in it doesn't mean it is any more meaningful. Trust me, Carmen Electra has a scene dedicated to her bowel movement (which just so happens to be the funniest part).

Faris is, as always, the spotlight of the Scary Movie series. There are more than a few laughs, but I was disappointed the second time I viewed this. Unlike the previous films, this has almost no replay value. Although this is a good movie, it has been done better. My suggestions: Kung Pow, Scary Movie 1& 3, and Dude Where's My Car?. Avoid Date Movie at all costs!

My Rating = Three and One Half Stars

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