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Shrek the Third


Jackson Newsome


Shrek 3
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Shrek has gone soft. I enjoyed the first two films because they were clever, and knew how to make you laugh. Unfortunately, they've thrown almost all of that material away. He is no longer the butt scratching, nose picking, burping ogre we know. It could be because he is too busy babysitting Arthur, future king, and dealing with his hangups on having children with Fiona. Is that really an excuse?

Shrek 3 begins fairly peaceful. You are shown the lives of almost everyone that starred in the previous film and what has happened since. The king is sick, so naturally Shrek (Myers) and Fiona (Diaz) must take over the job until he gets better (probably one of the funniest parts of the movie). There is only problem...he doesn't. So, Shrek must find a replacement to rule Far, Far Away and pubescent Arthur seems like the only option. Fiona, to add on to the drama, informs Shrek of her pregnancy. You can imagine how he felt about that. When they return they find chaos as Prince Charming has taken over the kingdom and has locked away the princesses.

I have not seen the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie yet, but I almost wish that I had. It was disappointing to see Shrek dealing with his emotional issues. Donkey (Murphy) was off dealing with his children, and Fiona...was Fiona even in the movie? Oh, yes, for her whole two minutes. Puss in Boots (Banderas) was the only person you could truly rely on. He was still raw and funny. If you want a great movie to see with your children then I would suggest nothing else at the time, but if you are used to a more mature movie, then I highly suggest you see something else.

My Rating = Three Stars

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