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Rocky Balboa


Jackson Newsome

...nearly as good as the first...

Rocky Balboa
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Sylvester Stallone, returns for the sixth (and hopefully last) installment of the Rocky franchise. Rocky, now a widow, begins to see that his life is passing faster than he had previously realized. If only he had just one more chance to show that he is still capable of being the world champion. Mason "the Line" Dixon ( Tarver) gives him that opportunity and the "Italian Stallion" accepts. There is also a cheesy sub-plot that involves a growing relationship with a little girl (she is an adult now, of course!) he met long ago, and the strained relationship with his son, but it isn't worth discussing.

When I heard about Rocky Balboa I thought, "Great! He is going to train his son!". No, instead, they send a sixty year old into the ring. The presence of his age was not kept secret. You could feel it in his actions and words but don't fret. He still runs up and down the stairs in Philly and trains just the same as the other five films.

I really can't be that hard on this movie. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't spectacular. Sure it may seem like a money scheme, but the end result it nearly as good as the first film (it far surpasses the sequels). If you grew up on Rocky, then give him your attention one last time and enjoy yourself. After all, you can finally find out where all of your characters wound up.

R.I.P. Adrienne...

My Rating = Three Stars

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