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I, Robot


Jackson Newsome

...it does have amazing special effects.

I, Robot
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Will Smith has never been my favorite actor. Actually, he never even came close. I know I'll be stoned by the "Fresh Prince" fans, but it is a risk I must take. I, Robot is just okay (not like Oklahoma). Smith plays the role he always does, a cocky, aggressive "hero." He performed almost identically in Independence Day.

In a mid-21st century Chicago, Del Spooner (Smith) must investigate the murder of Dr. Miles Hogenmiller, an employee for U.S. Robotics. Spooner was never a friend of technology, but he takes on the job anyway. Luckily, for him, he has the help of expert Dr. Susan Calvin. They soon realize that an advanced robot, Sonny, may have been the murderer. Unfortunately, no one believes them because that would break the basic laws of robotics. They must warn the world to prepare to fight the machines they built themselves.

To the film's credit, it does have amazing special effects. The acting isn't that bad either. If you are interested in a good sci-fi movie…this is it. If Will Smith is one of your favorite actors, then I suggest you watch this movie, but if none of the above appeals to you, then just rent it. It is worth that small amount of money. At times the film bored me, but this just isn't my thing so that may not apply to you.

My Rating = Two and a Half Stars

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