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Jackson Newsome

...movie is spent in utter confusion.

Premonition has been treated unfairly by critics. It certainly won't receive a movie of the year award, but it is definitely worth your admission to a local theater. Sandra Bullock stars as time-traveling Linda Hanson. Linda is caught in what seems like a never ending cycle of torture. The film revolves around one week of her life that is stuck in "shuffle" mode.

Unfortunately, most of the movie is spent in utter confusion. You feel like you are watching a film of flashbacks. When Bullock starts to get a handle on things the movie starts making sense. This is where Premonition begins to shine.

If you've seen everything else at the theater and you have nothing else today this Friday, give it a shot. If you don't like thrillers then I suggest you go rent Miss Congeniality. It is equally worthy(if not a little more) of the score I am awarding this movie.

My Rating = Three Stars

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