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Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl


Jackson Newsome

...can't be beaten.

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The city of Port Royal is attacked by a crew of undead pirates that are searching for a lost treasure. It is suspected that some may be kept by the governor's daughter, Elizabeth (Knightley). Captain Barbossa (Rush) and his fellow pirates set sail with their new hostage to sacrifice her in their secret hideaway. Only when her blood has been shed over the treasure can their curse be lifted.Will Turner(Bloom) encounters an eccentric pirate (Depp) who helps him steal a British vessel and assemble a rough-around-the-edges crew. After acquiring a ship capable of catching the Black Pearl, they set sail to save Will's childhood friend with the British Military following closely behind.

Okay, so this may sound like any other pirate movie(however many there actually are). There is a BIG difference though. This one doesn't suck. Pirates has a beautifully woven plot and the dialogue is 100% original. As far as modern action movies go it can't be beaten. Unless you are including the sequel. Most of everyone has watched this film at least once, but for those of you who haven't(*crickets*) I highly recommend that you rent this instead of wasting your money going to see Spidey 3.

My Rating = Four and a Half Stars

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