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Night at the Museum


Jackson Newsome

...few parts [that] will make you laugh out loud.

Night at the Museum
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I avoided this movie as much as I could, but my little brother persuaded me to rent it. Truthfully, I am glad he did. This movie is enjoyable on all levels and it's a fun ride. Ben Stiller is one of my favorite actors. Most critics disagree, yet I still believe he is genuinely funny.

Stiller plays Larry, the new night guard at a museum. There is one thing he doesn't know though. A tablet, brought from Egypt magically brings everything in the museum to life after sundown. The three guards before Larry failed to mention that in the interview. The T-Rex plays an insane game of fetch, the Roman army and western pioneers are at war, the African jungle animals are loose(including the devious monkey), and Larry is left with nothing but a sheet of instructions. Confused(and terrified) Stiller turns to the wax statue of Theodore Roosevelt. Soon, thieves take the tablet and Stiller is left with the responsibility of retrieving it before the sun rises.

This film has very few parts that will actually make you laugh out loud. However, it is never dull and you won't find yourself looking at the clock. Dick Van Dyke, Robin Williams, Owen Wilson, and many other stars appear in this movie. There is something for everyone. Although, it is arguable whether it is worth buying, there is no doubt it my mind that you should at least rent it.

My Rating = Three stars

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