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Does anyone besides me like Wanda Sykes? Her comedy tours are amazing…okay I'm stalling, but in my defense she is in this movie. Monster-in-Law was not my favorite movie of 2005 and frankly, it didn't come close. It is more like a small distraction from life. You walk into the theater, have a decent hour and a half, and then leave with a smile on your face. If that is what you are expecting you will be given exactly that. Just don't expect the depth of the film to reach past your ankle.

Newly engaged Charlie (Lopez) believes that she has found "Mr. Right". He is charming and handsome, but maybe she should have met his mother first. Why? Well, the words manipulating, bossy, whiny, and overbearing come to mind. Viola (Fonda), a recently fired news anchor, stands firmly in the way of their happy relationship and Charlie must learn to fight fire with fire and make it through the wedding with or without her future mother-in-law's help.

Most the movie's laughs come from little spats (or not-so-little) that Viola and Charlie get into. There are even a few moments that show what they would really like to do to each other (such as banging their head against a cake). Truthfully, there isn't much more to see. Watch a fight, wait for Viola to plan something else, Ruby (Sykes) cuts in with a joke, and…well you get the point. Everything has been done before, but you will still get enjoyment out of at least one viewing.

My Rating = Two and One Half Stars

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