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Mixed Nuts


Jackson Newsome

...will never leave you bored.

Mixed Nuts
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Christmas is arriving in a city where you won’t find much snow and Philip (Steve Martin), who is in charge of a suicide hotline, has just received an eviction notice from his landlord. He must find a way to earn enough money to keep the non-profit organization in business, among a [suicidal] transvestite, an irresponsible boyfriend (Anthony LaPaglia), and a crazy pregnant woman, Grace, played by Juliette Lewis. Throw a serial killer in the mix and we are all set!

Mixed Nuts will never leave you bored. Arguments between Grace and her lazy boyfriend Felix, Philip dancing with a transvestite (among the best scenes in the film), and the cast carrying a dead body, concealed in a Christmas tree, through town will keep you laughing. When the movie does start to drag along, things lighten up with comic relief brought by the “Seaside Strangler”.

If you are looking for a hard hitting storyline or something that will keep you thinking long after the credits have rolled, you are in for disappointment. On the other hand, this movie’s frantic cast, hilarious script, and some of the strangest things you’ll ever see on film, keep it aloft. Fans of Steve Martin’s films should not be disappointed. Listening to Juliette Lewis talk (self-explanatory) and Adam Sandler’s below average performance end up as small critiques.

My Rating = Three & Half Stars

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