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Minority Report


Jackson Newsome

...grand storytelling, great direction...

Minority Report
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In a time before Tom Cruise went crazy, he graced us with one of the last great films we will ever see from him. War of the Worlds was really good, but it wasn't nearly as innovative as this. Usually, I would hear futuristic and run the other way. For some reason (thank God!) I stayed and watched Minority Report from beginning to end. I was met with a mix of grand storytelling, great direction, and special effects better than anything I had seen prior.

Cruise plays John Anderton, a futuristic cop that works with a special technology that predicts crimes before they are committed. When he becomes suspected of a future murder, he must try to find something to prove his innocence before an investigator (Farrell) catches him first. He "kidnaps" one of the precogs that has been a prime element in the Pre-Crime system that has kept Washington D.C. murder-free for years.

It may sound silly, but the story is much deeper than I could ever explain to you through the computer. There is another storyline that connects to this one about his son's untimely disappearance (which leads to the ending). I do admit, at times the camera effects left me feeling a little dizzy, but the interesting direction deserves some recognition. One thing that you will absolutely love, is the believable look into the future. Excluding the cars and highways, I could see the world looking like that in the next century. I may be crazy though. There is that one moment (it never fails) where Tom breaks down in tears over something. In every movie they must dedicate a scene to him crying. If you can get passed that, and a few camera issues then you should thoroughly enjoy this.

My Rating = Four Stars

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