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There's Something About Mary


Jackson Newsome

...appeals to a wide variety of people.

There's Something About Mary
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An awkward high-schooler, Ted (Ben Stiller), gets a prom date with any guys dream girl, Mary (Cameron Diaz). To his dismay, an embarrassing zipper accident cuts it short, but that doesn't stop him from hiring a private investigator (Matt Dillon) almost thirteen years later. Ted receives word that she is currently residing in Miami. So, he naturally makes a visit, only to find that his sleazy detective has fallen head over heels also. They both must resort to lying, cheating and stalking as they compete for Mary's love.

Anybody who has ever seen this movie may remember a certain "hair-gel" scene. That alone warrants the rental of this movie (possibly followed by you buying it!). Cameron Diaz is amazing as she plays monkey in the middle with Stiller and Dillon. For any fans of Ben Stiller (see my review for Night at the Museum), it may benefit your cravings to see the film that threw him into the limelight.

There's Something About Mary appeals to a wide variety of people. It has gross laugh-out-loud humor, romance, plot, and character development (which has been missing in a lot of films). No matter how ridiculous the movie got, I still cared about the people. I actually wanted to see what happened at the end. You may not want to show this at church, but I don't see a problem renting it at home.

My Rating = Four and a Half Stars

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