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Marie Antoinette


Jackson Newsome

...a fairly decent movie...

Marie Antoinette
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The story of one of the most hated political figures in history turned into a fairly decent movie. Wow! That's a first. Seriously, though, Marie Antoinette expresses the hardships of the queen while keeping you interested with the beautiful costumes and sets. I would be lying if I said that the film didn't have flaws, but you will be satisfied regardless.

Sofia Coppola directs this sad tale of a naive Austrian princess that is married into French royalty at the early age of nineteen. Soon after arriving, Marie Antoinette is sworn in as queen after her father-in-law, the former king, dies from a sudden illness. Also, her troubles begin to extend from the throne and into her bedroom. She is being harassed by the Austrians and French to become pregnant and deliver the next "Son of France".

Not only did Sofia illustrate the luxurious lifestyle of the rich, but she also managed to show us the confining side of being the queen of a nation. I could almost give this a near perfect rating. The scenes are either too long or too short, and that prevents me from doing so. If you watch this for nothing more than the eye candy, you will be rewarded.

My Rating = Three and a Half Stars

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