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Letters from Iwo Jima


Jackson Newsome

…moved me in ways no other war movie has before…

Letters from Iwo Jima
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The companion to Flags of our Fathers received little to no attention from the public. Sure it was nominated for various awards, but those are meaningless if no one watches the film! On a side note, if you have to choose one, pick Letters. The former put me to sleep (literally!).

Told from the Japanese point of view, this film illustrates the struggle of soldiers fighting for forty days on the island of Iwo Jima. Although greatly outnumbered, the troops must keep their sanity while staying alive with the little resources they have. General Kuribayashi (Watanabe) plays a key role in keeping them encouraged, even though he carries the knowledge of their demise. With no support from the Homeland (the main sector of Japan, specifically Tokyo) they must battle ruthlessly and sometimes illogically to die with honor.

Clint Eastwood directed this masterpiece. It moved me in ways no other war movie has before. I cared for those lives, and I began to get nervous about the United States' inevitable arrival. Thankfully, unlike most World War II films, Eastwood shows the struggles of both sides and doesn't just agree with the Americans regardless of their behavior. The only problem that some of you will have with this movie is the subtitles. There is no English whatsoever. I believe that this strengthened the film, but many will be turned off by them.

My Rating = Four and a Half Stars

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