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Lady in the Water


Jackson Newsome

...average in every way...

Lady in the Water
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There is absolutely nothing wrong with this movie. I cannot find a single problem with it. That doesn't make it great, just average in every way. At times the bedtime story come-to-life drags, but these days everything does. What do you expect?

An apartment superintendent (Giamatti) discovers a trespasser (Howard) in the complex's pool late one night. This unusual human-like-creature later reveals herself as a "narf" who has been sent to warn the world of a race of monsters that has come to destroy it. Inbetween the startling revelations that she has brought, Giamatti must inform his fellow friends of the situation at hand.

I can't really say anything bad about this movie. If you enjoy any of his other films than I highly suggest you at least watch it. If you are leery, rent The Village instead. The actors are surprisingly good and very convincing, and the oddball tenants make some of the slower scenes shine. Whenever you visit your local rental store check this out and decide for yourself.

My Rating = Three Stars

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