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Kill Bill: Volume One


Jackson Newsome

...far surpasses any of Tarantino's past films.

Kill Bill
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This movie (and its final volume) is probably on my [imaginary] top three favorite movies list. The Bride fears for the life her unborn baby will lead if raised by its father, Bill. So, she arranges her own disappearance and finds herself engaged to an El Paso record-store owner. On the day of her wedding, Bill finds her once more and directs the massacre that is to follow. Five assassins kill everyone present leaving the Bride for dead. After four years in a coma, she manages to wake up after a gunshot wound to the skull. Thurman begins her journey of revenge in Okinawa where she persuades a famous sword maker to build the greatest of any of his works. The movie follows her killing spree spanning many miles across the world. With only goal in mind, killing Bill (hence the title), nothing can stop her.

Kill Bill: Volume One presents the story through flashback and flash-forwards. In my opinion, this movie far surpasses any of Tarantino's past films. Kill Bill features everything you need in a film. With its great story, colorful characters, exaggerated blood spill, and enough action to make spy flicks such as the James Bond and Mission Impossible series look childish. If you haven't already viewed this film you are doing yourself an injustice. Even movie fanatics who enjoy other genres over action will walk away with a smile.

My Rating = Four and a Half Stars

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