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For some odd reason, every time I mention John Q it is given praise regardless of who I'm talking to. Why? The only highlight of the movie (for me anyway) was the example given to prove that our healthcare system sucks. It had its moments, but most were forgettable.

Middle class man, John Q (Washington), must find a way to obtain medical attention to his son's fatal heart condition. Once he finds that his meager insurance won't cover it he looks for the most logical solution, and holding everyone in the hospital hostage seemed like a great idea! The doctors agree to the surgery (as if they had an option) as police surround the premises. A hostage negotiator (Duvall) tries his best to get the situation under hand amongst mass confusion.

Unfortunately, the film assumes that you will take up for the guy who held up a hospital and used violence against the innocent to get free health care. I hate to sound like a "goody-goody", but I just don't accept a mad man as a middle class "hero". The character had so little depth I doubt I would have cared if he was a saint. In a way, the concept looks interesting on paper. It would look good on screen had it had been made correctly. Oh well, I guess all you have to do is slap a celebrity's name on something for it to sell. Enjoy your salary Mr. Washington.

My Rating = One Star

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