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Jeepers Creepers


Jackson Newsome

"...keeps the flow going..."

Jeepers Creepers
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The title may sound like something your younger siblings would say, but I assure you the content is far more mature. You may ask, "What's so great about it?". It starts from the first minute you press play. There's not any lame story build-up, character development, etc. The terror just starts and I loved it.

A brother and sister, returning home during spring break, witness a creepy truck driver dumping bodies into the sewer near an abandoned church. Once they believe the coast is clear, they investigate and get in more trouble than they had ever asked for. They flee the scene, but a monstrous "shape" is on their tail.

Unlike most horror movies, not that many people actually die in this film. Usually, that would be a problem, but this film keeps the flow going and never stops for a break. I highly recommend this over the sequel (which for some reason received more advertisement). You can more than likely buy this for under ten dollars, so why not give it a chance? I can guarantee that you'll never look at corn fields the same way again...

My Rating = Four Stars

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