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American Idols Live! Tour 2007


Jackson Newsome

Overall, it was a great concert...

American Idols Live! Tour 2007
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You enter the stadium and you can feel anticipation radiating from the crowd. Everyone has their favorite, but one thing was clear. No one was going to leave unhappy. As the lights dim, the spotlight concentrated on a security guard. At least that is what we believed he was. Surprise, surprise, Blake Lewis was under a wig among us the whole time. Not only Blake, but Chris Richardson joins him (also disguised). The audience is going absolutely crazy as the show starts with the incredibly appropriate "Let's Get it Started" by the Black Eyed Peas. Slowly, the eight other idols emerge with Jordin rising from the center of the stage in a sparkling dress that screams, "I am your American Idol."

Of course, all but two or three idols left the stage, but the excitement continued to sky rocket. From Phil Stacey's "Blaze of Glory" to Lakisha's "I Will Always Love You" the night was a blast. The concert lasted an impressive three hours (including a twenty-five minute break). It wasn't all perfect though. Chris Sligh only had the opportunity to sing three times...four at most while the others had anywhere from seven to twelve songs (on average). He definitely was not my favorite during the time of the show, but I thought it was a little unfair. Also, almost all of the performances were in groups. Only Blake, Jordin, Lakisha, and Gina had more than one solo. That is not to say the group performances weren't well done. "Lady Marmalade" was the perfect example of that.

Overall, it was a great concert...if you like a good percentage of the top ten contestants. They all sounded much improved (even Sanjaya!) without all of the pressure that was previously on them. I'm sure they were much more relaxed without Simon breathing down their neck. Everyone sang their best song from the season, so you need not worry about missing your favorites. Was it worth the money? Yes, it most certainly was. Was it the best concert in years? No, unfortunately if you go in with that mind set you will leave unsatisfied. This is American Idols best variety yet, so if you plan on going, now is the chance.

My Rating = Four Stars

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