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House of 1000 Corpses


Jackson Newsome

...could have been great...

House of 1000 Corpses
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Summer is the best time to catch a good movie, but if I gave out good scores all the time they would mean nothing, right? Well, here is a film that I thought would be perfect to pick on. It is like Rob Zombie wrote down a bunch of ideas and then filmed them in the order he came up with them. There doesn't seem like there is a connection between anything. Random murder is usually awesome, but this is too random. If only he could have fleshed out his thoughts… this could have been great.

Two young couples travel to a rural Texas area in hopes of finding the truth about a mythical creature "Dr. Satan". They get more than they asked for when a group of evil freaks side track them. They must escape their captors and evade torture before it is too late.

Zombie truly failed to scare me. After a lot of hype on the gore/horror in this film, I was excited. Instead, you just get a lot of scenes that turn your stomach, and they don't do it in a good way like Saw. He did get one thing right. It really did have a 70s feel to it. Oh, I forgot to mention that? This is starting to sound a lot like another movie. Hmm, does The Texas Chainsaw Massacre ring any bells? Yea, well it should. We can only hope that the upcoming remake of the classic Halloween movie will redeem his reputation in the horror genre.

My Rating = One and a Half Stars

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