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Mean Girls


Jackson Newsome


Mean Girls
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Lohan plays the clueless Cady Heron, a girl who was home schooled in Africa by her zoologist parents. Cady soon realizes how different the 'burbs of Chicago are from her former home in the wilderness. Sooner than later, the "mean" girls(also known as the "Plastics") of the movie trap her in their very exclusive cliche and dictate what she wears, who she is friends with, etc.

Then there are her other friends, Damian and Janis. They are in the "out crowd". After finding out about Regina's plan to walk all over Cady, the three of them hatch a plan to turn the entire school against her. That is until she realizes she has become a mean girl herself. This is where the best part of the movie comes in. Besides the hilarious talent show, this was the most enjoyable part of the film. The Plastics are constantly being pranked. For example, Cady tricks Regina into eating a "nutrition" bar that actually makes you gain weight. You can imagine how the self-conscious Plastic felt about that.

Mean Girls does have some issues though. Some of the jokes fall flat and most of the characters have very little depth. The ending was quite disappointing. It was just about as stereotypical as they come for chick flicks: apologize, give an inspirational speech, and become friends with everyone (except Regina). This should definitely be your next rental, but I would wait and see if you think it is worth purchase.

My Rating = Three Stars

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