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Gridiron Gang


Jackson Newsome

...feels like the never ending movie...

Gridiron Gang
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Prepare yourself for boredom. There is no crime that deserves the punishment that is Gridiron Gang. It feels like the never-ending movie which makes forty-minutes feel like three hours. To make a long story short(the movie did the opposite), a bunch of teenage thugs get pulled off of the streets and are taught football at a prison-like facility. The Rock and Xzibit were the poor souls chosen to play in this movie. I'm not sure any amount of money was worth what they had to go through.

The only thing that I found remotely interesting were the back stories of all of the criminals. That kept alert for about the first thirty minutes(Disney based-on a true story translation-five hours and fifty-two minutes).

My advice if you happen to stumble across a copy of this movie:

  1. Burn it
  2. Run far, far away
  3. Write a letter to Disney and tell them to stop making the same inspirational movies over, and over again
I personally like the last one. We've all seen this crap before, and I really never want to see it again. Even if you like football I doubt you'll get enjoyment out of this.

My Rating = One half star

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