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Stranger then Fiction


Jackson Newsome

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Stranger than Fiction
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Stranger than Fiction is the most inspiring movie I've seen in a long, long time, and frankly I don't have the reason. There is just a great feeling that wells up inside of you and eventually you just feel breathless. The actors (especially Emma Thompson) convinced me that when JK Rowling killed Dumbledore, Sirius, and Cedric (won't mention any "Hallows" victims) they actually collapsed somewhere and a family was in tears. Before viewing the film that may sound utterly ridiculous, but afterwards…well you'll see.

A best-selling writer (Thompson) is plagued with writer's block and gains the assistance of a woman (Latifah) from her publisher. As they are plotting the end of her next novel, Harold Crick (Ferrell) begins hearing the narration as it happens. Frightened by his "imminent" death, Harold seeks the help of a local literary professor (Hoffman) and discovers who the person behind the voice is. He must race against the clock to convince the author to spare him while struggling to keep from going insane.

The concept itself was enough to make me sit through the film. Sure, I was a little leery but the wonderfully imaginative story will keep your attention regardless of what is going on around you. Best movie of 2006? I doubt it. I can tell you that it is definitely the most memorable. Do yourself a favor and rent Will Ferrell's best film to date.

My Rating = Four and a Half Stars

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