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Failure to Launch


Jackson Newsome

...dialogue felt unnatural...

Failure to Lauch
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Matthew McConaughey was the actor on the tip of everyone's tongue since the release of We Are Marshall, but only because he visited our state for a brief time to finish shooting the movie. To tell you the truth I could care less. I don't find him that funny. This movie is only watchable because of the off-beat friends of the betrayer and the betrayed.

Failure to Launch is about a guy in his thirties that will not leave his parents home. So, they do what any logical thinking person would, hire a prosti- woman to go out with him and convince him to move out. Most of the movie is spent watching McConaughey going on dates. Fortunately, though, his or her friends occasionally appear to spice things up a bit.

I had high expectations for this movie. It really looked promising. Sarah Jessica Parker was average in the movie, but most of her dialogue felt unnatural. At one point, it felt like she was reading off of notecards. The parents weren't in the movie as much as I would have liked. What can you expect? The highlight of this movie was watching the friends make situations worse, yet there feels like there could have been a way to fix that odd chemistry between Parker and McConaughey.

My Rating = Two Stars

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