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...bad acting...

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Eragon chronicles the first part of a young farm boy's journey with his newly hatched dragon, Saphira. His dragon chooses him to be the next rider and defeat the evil King Galbatorix. The ultimate goal(of the first movie at least) is to reach the Varden(the last place of resistance). On his way he is escorted by a former rider, an elven princess, and the son of a former man loyal to the king. Among killing a Shade, learning magic, and improving his combat, he must take part in a war that is fought right inside the once safe Varden.

One of the only things they did right was the flying. Whenever Eragon jumps on Saphira's back you know you are in for some beautiful effects(this applies to the fight scenes as well). I also must commend them for choosing one of the most beautiful set locations I've seen on film to shoot this movie. Unfortunately, there is some fairly bad acting and most of what made the book so great was cut from the film. Also, I thought I should point out that Eragon looks like a dweeb. That deserves at least half of a star taken away.

This won't win any awards and it most likely won't find itself on your movie shelf any time soon, but if you like the Lord of the Ring type movies you may enjoy this. Actually, it is almost exactly Lord of the Rings...maybe that is why it felt so familiar. I suggest reading the book first(as always) so you will have a greater understanding of the movie.

My Rating = Two Stars

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