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Eddie and the Cruisers


Jackson Newsome


Eddie and the Cruisers
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Some people probably think that I don't dip into the classics, but I do occasionally. I am able to appreciate them when it is called for. Unfortunately, some movies that may have seemed like great additions to any movie collection are now less than average. Eddie and the Cruisers is easily fits into that category.

In the early 60's, a band named Eddie and the Cruisers (hence the title) were the hottest thing around. They topped charts with every release, until the heartthrob lead singer mysteriously disappears. Investigators find his car at the bottom of a river where construction work on a bridge was incomplete. To their surprise, no body was found along with the vehicle. Twenty-years later, a television reporter decides to do an investigative story on the band and Eddie's (Berenger) disappearance. The more the reporter researches the story, the more she suspects he may still be alive.

My biggest complaint for this movie is the monotonous dialogue. It feels like they are saying the same things over and over. Not only that, but most of the songs sound the same and the bad acting doesn't help. There is nothing that can redeem it except for the last twenty minutes which are full of suspense. I believe that it actually had me intrigued. Eddie and the Cruisers was a great idea, but something went terribly wrong while writing the script.

My Rating = One and a Half Stars

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