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You, Me and Dupree


Jackson Newsome


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Owen Wilson stars in the unsatisfactory movie that is You, Me and Dupree. As my least favorite actor, I hate to admit that he is the only reason I didn't turn off my tv and spend two hours doing something more important, such as: watching the paint dry(I really am painting my room), curing medical anomalies, and my favorite(!), watching the grass grow. You get the point right?

Carl (Dillon) and Molly (Hudson) Peterson have recently gotten married in Hawaii and have returned home to find Dupree (Wilson) in a bind. He is homeless and has asked the local bar for housing. Carl, as Dupree's best friend, steps in and offers to let him stay with he and his wife for a period of time. Dupree stays passed his welcome and turns their house upside down. As if sleeping naked, stopping up both toilets, and catching the house on fire wasn't enough, Dupree's increasingly friendly relationship with Carl's wife causes tension throughout the house.

This film is a classic "I've screwed everything up, and now I'm going to fix it" movie. It starts bad and ends well and it is all cookie-cutter. You've seen this before and I am advising that you don't waste an evening seeing the same material again. Both supporting actors dragged the movie into the pits of Hell with their lame acting, and if I have to listen to Matt Dillon rant again I swear I'll jump into the flaming inferno that once was the Petersons' home. That is why this flaming pile of crap receives one half star.

My Rating = One Half Star

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