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Are We Done Yet


Jackson Newsome

...you'll soon find yourself asking, "Are we done yet?"

In this sequel to Are We There Yet?, Nick (Ice Cube) returns with his new family, and decides to move from the bustling city into the peaceful (?) country. There is just one big problem though. Where are the kids? The spoiled teenaged girl and curious boy show up in little to zero scenes. To tell you the truth, that is the only reason I liked it predecessor.

It isn't all bad though. Chuck (the contractor, plumber, real estate agent, and brain surgeon [kidding]) saves most of this movie from being a bore. Towards the end he loses his charm, but how long could one man possibly keep this film going?

Are We Done Yet? Features some funny scenes, but they are few and far between. Most of the laughs are predictable and you'll soon find yourself asking "Are we done yet?". If you want to see a good comedy, please go see Blades of Glory. I highly recommend anything at the box office than this.

My Rating = One Star

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